Restore Us!

“Turn thou us unto Thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned”  – Lamentations 5:21

Is it by our own ability that we repent and believe the gospel?  This prayer demonstrates the total inability of anyone to draw near to God in their own strength, or to even turn from sin without His divine intervention.  We need restoration!  As the English Standard Version renders this verse:  “Restore us to Yourself, O LORD, that we may be restored!”

As sinners, we are completely shut off to the grace of God; there is nowhere else to turn and no one else who can help.  We cannot even repent (nor do we want to) unless God graciously grants us true remorse for our sin (2 Tim. 2:25; Acts 11:18) and gives us the will to serve Him.

Yet this prayer also expresses the inevitable response of those who are drawn by the grace of God (John 6:37,44).  When God turns us to Himself, we will be turned!  There has never been a heart so dark that God has been unable to overwhelm it with His love (Romans 9:19). Even the wicked Saul of Tarsus, the chief of sinners, was won by the work of the grace of God in his heart.

So what is your condition today?  Have you felt the irresistible grace of God, moving by His Spirit in your heart, and turning you to Christ?  Turn to Him, and know that it is actually He who is turning to you …

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